JeezPod is a blog and resource dedicated to print on demand and passive income. My name is Jack, and I am aiming to make a full-time income online. I don’t claim to be an online marketing guru or anything, I am just doing quite well selling things online, and realise that others want to as well.

I am not interested in selling anything to anybody from this site, so you’ll be able to use JeezPod for free forever. There might be affiliate links here and there and Google might decide to pop some Ads in, but you’re under no pressure to use them. I’m certainly not a guru at all, and I don’t claim to be.

Check out the first post here, for a general overview of JeezPod and my goals!

Seen something wrong, or just want to get in touch? Feel free to fill out the form below. I’d like to interview people who succeed in POD and passive income, so if this interests you and you’d like to chat, by all means get in touch!