Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned

I don’t know when I first developed the mentality for passive income, but once I got that taste, I realised it was for me. Following on from my previous post, I think now would be a great time to summarise everything that I’ve done so far regarding passive income, as well as what I intendContinue reading “Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned”

JeezPod Statistics – March 2020

It’s the first of April (but no fooling!). Time for another income update. If you’d like to see last month’s statistics, then by all means check out the post here. A few things happened this month. I did a bit of work on a few websites, and I picked up a freelance gig (which I’veContinue reading “JeezPod Statistics – March 2020”

How I created, worked on and sold a niche authority website to buy a house

I like talking about this story, why wouldn’t I? This is when my shenanigans trying to work out passive income online paid off. It stopped being a joke and it became a serious part of my life; changing it for the better and making me realise that you can make a living online, it’s notContinue reading “How I created, worked on and sold a niche authority website to buy a house”

JeezPod – A Passive Income and Print-on-Demand blog

Hi there! My name is Jack and my goal is to earn £1000 a month passively, online, (that’s around $1200 USD dollars). I’m getting close, and I’m learning a lot along the way that I want to share, so what initially started as an unfunny joke has now turned into a concept for a website.Continue reading “JeezPod – A Passive Income and Print-on-Demand blog”