Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned

I don’t know when I first developed the mentality for passive income, but once I got that taste, I realised it was for me. Following on from my previous post, I think now would be a great time to summarise everything that I’ve done so far regarding passive income, as well as what I intendContinue reading “Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned”

Even more tips to make even more money on Redbubble

It’s time for another post about tips to improve your existing Redbubble store. Your Redbubble store should be treated as an organism; it’s always growing and changing and hopefully getting better! As soon as I find enough tips that I personally use to improve my store, I’ll write a post about them on Jeezpod. ThereContinue reading “Even more tips to make even more money on Redbubble”

JeezPod Statistics – March 2020

It’s the first of April (but no fooling!). Time for another income update. If you’d like to see last month’s statistics, then by all means check out the post here. A few things happened this month. I did a bit of work on a few websites, and I picked up a freelance gig (which I’veContinue reading “JeezPod Statistics – March 2020”

How to cope with a sudden lack of sales

In light of recent events which you are likely aware of (The 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic, if you’re reading this far into the future!), you may be currently in a sticky situation regarding your passive income businesses. Personally, I have seen my sales plummet as the news has grown more and more negative. Simply put, peopleContinue reading “How to cope with a sudden lack of sales”

The Bad and The Ugly of Print on Demand

Just a short post for the weekend; I’ve talked about the good a lot recently, but there are plenty of downsides to POD as well. This is largely related to Redbubble, but things here can be applied to every POD-service you work with; be it Redbubble, TeePublic, Merch by Amazon, and to a lesser extentContinue reading “The Bad and The Ugly of Print on Demand”

How I created, worked on and sold a niche authority website to buy a house

I like talking about this story, why wouldn’t I? This is when my shenanigans trying to work out passive income online paid off. It stopped being a joke and it became a serious part of my life; changing it for the better and making me realise that you can make a living online, it’s notContinue reading “How I created, worked on and sold a niche authority website to buy a house”

Why ‘Improvecat’ is terrible

I’ve spent the past few months now getting obsessed about Print on demand, so I’ve seen my fair share of Passive income ”’gurus”’ around; some with some genuinely good advice, some with terrible advice, and plenty of people regurgitating standard tropes within print on demand. This post may even turn into a light rant! OneContinue reading “Why ‘Improvecat’ is terrible”

Tips for Profit margins on Redbubble

“Ching ching bling bling cut the chatter, if you ain’t talking money then your talking don’t matter” As I’ve said previously, we’re mostly out to make some income as our main goal. Some of us (me included!) want to have a full time income passively, some are just happy with an extra little bit perContinue reading “Tips for Profit margins on Redbubble”