JeezPod – A Passive Income and Print-on-Demand blog

Hi there! My name is Jack and my goal is to earn £1000 a month passively, online, (that’s around $1200 USD dollars). I’m getting close, and I’m learning a lot along the way that I want to share, so what initially started as an unfunny joke has now turned into a concept for a website. Welcome to JeezPod.

JeezPod is going to be a collection for the little tips and tricks I have learned to more than double my passive income in the past few months. I keep saying to myself and others “This has been my best day yet”, and I’m seeing quite a bit of success, at least proportionate to the effort I’m putting in. I think they’re getting sick of me talking about passive income and Redbubble so much, so maybe a website is a better idea.

I’m currently focussing on Redbubble as my main source of income, and I’ve only recently started focusing on it. It’s nice to see it paying off, as the graph below shows.

Redbubble passive income chart

My Passive Income Background

I actually started my passive income ‘adventure’ properly back in 2014, with an adsense-enabled website, focusing on specific silly little gifts. In fact the first site I made went absolutely nowhere and I’d nearly forgotten about it until I started this post. The site was all about taxidermy, which was an area I nearly had no interest or knowledge in, but saw as an untapped niche.

I had very little interest and knowledge in it, so it went nowhere. The one lesson I learned from this was to go with your passions and interests. Things get really boring if you go by the numbers, and it isn’t fun at all. It turns into a real job, which is something I’d like to avoid! After this, I started a website about game reviews, which is one of the most saturated areas of the internet. That too, went nowhere.

Actual, though minor success

Undeterred, and realising I only needed a niche, my first ‘real’ passive website was an Amazon associate site, based on quirky gifts from Japan. It did okay, and was certainly a good site to learn from. It didn’t make any real money, but I think it had potential to. I branched this off into a USA specific site too, to take advantage of Amazon’s large US customer base. Both of these sites are gone forever. RIP.

After these sites, I jumped into creating a website for another hobby, which although it was a saturated niche, I felt I could do well in. I started in January 2015, and after a slow start, I started seeing success.

There is far too much to talk about this here, as it deserves it’s own post later on, but this recent project really made me believe it was possible to make a full time living online. I branched off the main site and turned it into a brand; there was a Redbubble store, a Youtube Channel, eBooks.

The site made an easy £100 a month. I was contacted a number of times by people interested in buying it. Eventually I sold the site for £10,000, took a few months off, and then started two other sites. Whether this was the right decision or not, is something I still think about, but it allowed me to buy a house and move on it life. Anyway, let’s keep that flywheel spinning.

What I’m up to now

As well as this, newly formed website, I currently run;

JeezPod is going to be my focus for the next few weeks. I have a lot of lessons I have learned which I intend to share. Plus, starting a new project is always interesting and motivating. I love having something to tinker with and improve, and i hope you all find some use out of this site.

JeezPod is’t going to be much more than a blog, but it’ll be easy to find what you need.

That’s enough for an intro, I hope you find JeezPod useful, and here’s to all of us having chunky passive incomes!

Big mention to POD Passion on Facebook, I am quite active in this group so send me a message if you like!