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I think it might be helpful to post my actual (or near rounded to) statistics every month for everybody to see. I have a bit of a problem with online gurus when it comes to this sort of thing; lots of people talk about their ‘revenue’ over profit, or give general numbers to inflate how good they’re doing.

It’s a bit of a luxury to say I am not a guru. I am just experimenting with things and posting what I found out here, for everybody to see. I don’t think I’m ever going to make a course or charge people for tuition.

Near the end of every month, I’ll try to just summarise that month, what I did, what I’m aiming to do next month. It might even help motivate me for the next month!

All prices will be in GBP, but I’ll convert the total to USD for ease.

February 2020 Passive Income Statistics

Google Adsense£7.58
Redbubble (Total)£282.00
Amazon Merch£2.27
Amazon Associates £2.42
Kindle Direct Publishing Neglible

Not too bad, this is about a third of what I am aiming for, as my first goal this year is to reach £1000 a month. As it’s the weekend now, some purchases aren’t tallied up so it’s likely just over £300 for February. In USD, that is about $382.

I’ll go over each of the services I use separately,and how I use them below!

Google Adsense

This used to be my big earner, netting around£100-120 a month, before I sold my first main site ( I’ll write about it soon! ), it was my main go-to source for passive income.

Waking up in the morning and seeing I’d made money put me in such a good mood for the day, and it made me realise that passive income wasn’t a joke, it’s so doable.

On a good day I would make £5 before I even woke up! Small numbers compared to others but it’s great to see your hard work paying you. Ads don’t bother me, I can’t expect a creator to not do it nowadays when they provide content for free.

I’ve sold that site now, and I have two others, which are both much smaller. They both need work but they’re also both new and growing slowly in terms of visitors and revenue.

You’ll start seeing Adsense ads on JeezPod soon enough I would imagine. This really is the definition of a niche site, so I’d be silly not to monetise it!

I will talk about niche sites later on in the year. My main income is from Print-on-demand, so that’s where I’m focusing JeezPod for now!


Redbubble’s reporting tools are a few days out so it’s likely a bit more than the £282 written, and as the payment days are the middle of the month, I’m hoping I can tickle into £400+ territory on the next payment day.

February has been a busy month on Redbubble, I’m up to over 300 designs now. My goal was 300 by March so I’m glad I smashed past that. My main sellers are by far stickers, but I am slowly seeing more posters and T-Shirts trickle in.

I managed to find a good niche within a niche and completely dominate it with designs this month too, so I’m waiting to see if the few hours there will pay off. I’m getting sales daily so I’m happy.

Amazon Merch

Two sales! I don’t know if that’s good or bad for my first month on Merch By Amazon. I haven’t looked into it much to be honest. I filled my slots, took loads down, and then refilled them.

Seems to be a good idea to focus on the US market when you’re in the lower tiers; the audience is just so much bigger. I set my prices at their lowest because all I want is sales to tier up. I don’t think I’ll cheat the system by buying my own shirts.

Looking forward to tiering up on Merch, but as platforms go, it isn’t the friendliest to use.

Amazon Associates

£2.42 really isn’t much to talk about, but I didn’t promote any of this at all; it’s all traffic from one or both of my websites. Again, like Adsense, Amazon Associates used to be a main focus. Redbubble has taken most of my time now however. Associates can really pay off if you have a good site.

It’s nice to see any amount for nothing, but £2.42 isn’t anything to brag about.

Kindle Direct Publishing

I published 1 low-content book on KDP this month. I was testing the waters. I haven’t talked about KDP much. I have a few eBooks up, and now one paperback. I may get 1-2 sales of an eBook per month but I rarely remember to check it now.

The strange thing about KDP is that you get paid any amount you make. I usually get £1-2 deposits in my bank every month. It’s odd.

I’ll focus on KDP at some point when I have a good workflow going but I still have some Redbubble goals to work on.


I am not a fan of TeePublic. Their upload process is better than Redbubble, but it seems that only some works are promoted. I haven’t uploaded anything for a while yet. Both the margins and audience are smaller than Redbubble too.

I didn’t upload anything on TeePublic this month (that I can recall)

Other income

I own my own house (I sold my website to pay for the deposit!), and I’m renting my room out in March. Rental income is already going to blow my online passive income away. £495 a month for renting out a room left me with no choice at all.

I’m looking forward to it, as rental income and passive income will cover my mortgage and bills. While my bills will go up a bit, it’s basically just free money otherwise.

I also bought a bunch of stocks (not many, just £50 in total) as the economy is tanking right now due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) scare. I don’t know anything about stocks so I spread my purchases around. This might not even be a good time to buy, who knows! I’m happy to throw £50 in as a learning experience.

I’ve also got £100 of Bitcoin, but that’s going to shit. I’ll be sure to post if it doesn’t!

Goals for March

  • 400 designs on Redbubble.

There’s no need to set lots of goals. I’m going to work on what works for now. Redbubble is my main income source so I’m going to work on it the most.

I have one other project I’ll be working on in March. It’s a book which will eventually be on KDP, but it isn’t a low / no content one. I may post about it later, but no goals as of now for it.

Hope this post has been inspiring and I look forward to making another in one months time!

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