JeezPod Statistics – March 2020

It’s the first of April (but no fooling!). Time for another income update. If you’d like to see last month’s statistics, then by all means check out the post here.

A few things happened this month. I did a bit of work on a few websites, and I picked up a freelance gig (which I’ve included here despite it not being passive, I’ll explain later)

March 2020 Income Statistics

Google Adsense£12.88
Redbubble (Total)£321
Amazon Merch£1.13
Amazon Associates £0.25
Kindle Direct Publishing £4.10
Lodger rent£495
Freelance role£211

Largely, not too much has changed generally, apart from the addition of my lodger income and my work from home job. My other streams have remained pretty much steady. It just goes to show; if you don’t put effort in, then nothing is going to change.

Google Adsense

I didn’t add much, but I migrated some websites to a new server. This was a lot of pain but it was long overdue. I’m going over these sites now and refining them once again, but it will be a long time until this pays off. Adsense used to be my main passive income source and there’s no reason why it can’t be this again. As most of the content is already there, it’s simply a waiting game for the most part.


I added many more products this month, and despite the Coronavirus epidemic, March has proven to be my best month on Redbubble. I’m hoping to see this explode soon; I’m expecting at least £500 a month from Redbubble alone when this epidemic all blows over.

I did add some products, but I mainly slashed my margins by a considerable amount. It hasn’t affected income as much as I’d thought,I’ve just made more sales. If a cheap sticker can cheer somebody up right now then that’s worth it.

Amazon Merch

Didn’t add anything; sold one shirt. I’ve only actually sold one design on Merch, out of the ten I’ve uploaded. Now that Merch is offline during the epidemic, I am focusing on other things.

Amazon Associates

It’s only 25p, but I thought to include it because I can’t remember where I have any active affiliate links! Amazon associates can be so powerful when used correctly. I mainly focus on creating sites to provide information, so viewers aren’t really in a buying mood, so I prefer ads over Amazon Associates.

Kindle Direct Publishing

I made £4, but I did write that book years ago and it still sells. Kindle is such a busy marketplace; it’s worth putting effort in if you’re aiming towards eBooks. I did publish a low content paperback on Kindle this month, but it hasn’t made any sales yet. I am not expecting any from it.


I had no income from TeePublic (Affiliate link!) this month. I don’t have a very strong TeePublic game at all. it could be down to me not having many products on there; I just prefer Redbubble. As they’re still operating during the epidemic, I might focus a whole day on getting a bunch of designs up.

Lodger Rent

I took in a lodger at the beginning of the month, just in time! £495 basically pays my mortgage. I barely notice he’s here, so I am happy to include this under passive income. I bought this flat with the aim of renting a room out, and I’m glad I’m doing it, it’s helping me save so much money.

Freelance role

I snapped up a freelance role this month. Now that it feels like the whole world is working from home, I didn’t want to miss out. I’m working for a popular dating app, moderating profiles. I’m getting paid per profile. It isn’t much, but it’s flexible enough that I can fit it around other things.

Spare 20 minutes? That’s around 60 profiles moderated. It depends on how I’m feeling but I am quite enjoying it. The only issue is that everyone else is now working from home; there isn’t enough work to go around!

I found a quiet period the other day and managed to get £9 in half an hour, so this role could potentially net me a slick £20 an hour if there is enough work to get through. For now I’m quite happy; it’s supplementing the lodger income and helping pay the bills.

Goals for April

I did not achieve my last goal (400 designs on Redbubble). The coronavirus epidemic put me off, so I focused on other things. It feels nice to get to £1000 a month generally, but I would like to get that much passively.

My goals for April are:

  • 400 designs on Redbubble
  • Niche site fully checked and updated on the new server

Hope this post has been inspiring and I look forward to making another in one months time! I also hope you guys did well this month considering what is happening in the world.

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