Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned

I don’t know when I first developed the mentality for passive income, but once I got that taste, I realised it was for me. Following on from my previous post, I think now would be a great time to summarise everything that I’ve done so far regarding passive income, as well as what I intendContinue reading “Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned”

How I created, worked on and sold a niche authority website to buy a house

I like talking about this story, why wouldn’t I? This is when my shenanigans trying to work out passive income online paid off. It stopped being a joke and it became a serious part of my life; changing it for the better and making me realise that you can make a living online, it’s notContinue reading “How I created, worked on and sold a niche authority website to buy a house”

JeezPod statistics – February 2020

I think it might be helpful to post my actual (or near rounded to) statistics every month for everybody to see. I have a bit of a problem with online gurus when it comes to this sort of thing; lots of people talk about their ‘revenue’ over profit, or give general numbers to inflate howContinue reading “JeezPod statistics – February 2020”

Basic tips to increase revenue on Redbubble

We’re all on RedBubble for one reason; to make money. Some might be out there to widen a brand, and some are on there for fun, but I would imagine the majority of us want to see a sizeable income for our efforts. I certainly do. While I really do enjoy posting up work andContinue reading “Basic tips to increase revenue on Redbubble”

Realistic Eggspectations : The Unpredictable Chicken of Print on Demand

Apologies for the terrible pun. Trying to explain POD as a business model is quite difficult, especially when I had to describe to my parents and say I was selling stickers and T-Shirts online instead of having a real job (for now). Passive income online is generally a new area of work. Passive probably isn’tContinue reading “Realistic Eggspectations : The Unpredictable Chicken of Print on Demand”