Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned

I don’t know when I first developed the mentality for passive income, but once I got that taste, I realised it was for me. Following on from my previous post, I think now would be a great time to summarise everything that I’ve done so far regarding passive income, as well as what I intendContinue reading “Post-Redbubble Passive Income – Lessons learned”

How to cope with a sudden lack of sales

In light of recent events which you are likely aware of (The 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic, if you’re reading this far into the future!), you may be currently in a sticky situation regarding your passive income businesses. Personally, I have seen my sales plummet as the news has grown more and more negative. Simply put, peopleContinue reading “How to cope with a sudden lack of sales”

Why ‘Improvecat’ is terrible

I’ve spent the past few months now getting obsessed about Print on demand, so I’ve seen my fair share of Passive income ”’gurus”’ around; some with some genuinely good advice, some with terrible advice, and plenty of people regurgitating standard tropes within print on demand. This post may even turn into a light rant! OneContinue reading “Why ‘Improvecat’ is terrible”

JeezPod statistics – February 2020

I think it might be helpful to post my actual (or near rounded to) statistics every month for everybody to see. I have a bit of a problem with online gurus when it comes to this sort of thing; lots of people talk about their ‘revenue’ over profit, or give general numbers to inflate howContinue reading “JeezPod statistics – February 2020”

Addiction and goals; making POD work in your life

In my poorly titled chicken post, I talked about how POD is a very unpredictable beast, yet so lucrative it’s hard to ignore. Passive income generally appeals to me so much because of the benefits (I love waking up to sales!), but there is also a dark side. Hi I’m Jack, and I’m addicted toContinue reading “Addiction and goals; making POD work in your life”

How to find a good niche for Redbubble

Selling stuff online now is all about niches. Very rarely now will you find an untapped audience. The internet is too prevalent in our lives that big companies can come along with their gigantic advertising budgets and obliterate a general interest. It’s up to us to tap the little niches, there are still people withContinue reading “How to find a good niche for Redbubble”

Basic tips to increase revenue on Redbubble

We’re all on RedBubble for one reason; to make money. Some might be out there to widen a brand, and some are on there for fun, but I would imagine the majority of us want to see a sizeable income for our efforts. I certainly do. While I really do enjoy posting up work andContinue reading “Basic tips to increase revenue on Redbubble”

Realistic Eggspectations : The Unpredictable Chicken of Print on Demand

Apologies for the terrible pun. Trying to explain POD as a business model is quite difficult, especially when I had to describe to my parents and say I was selling stickers and T-Shirts online instead of having a real job (for now). Passive income online is generally a new area of work. Passive probably isn’tContinue reading “Realistic Eggspectations : The Unpredictable Chicken of Print on Demand”